Let’s Play Darts in High Definition!

The sport of the people is now available on the iPad, taking the gorgeous 3D graphics to the next level in fantastic HD – Bulls i 3D Darts is a fun and authentic celebration of the game of ‘Arrows’!

Designed to suit all players from 8 to 80, it features a fantastic control system that is easy to pick up but difficult to master – hitting the winning double has never felt more natural or satisfying!

Bulls i HD features a new location: “The Target Tavern”; it’s the perfect place for playing Cricket against your mates.


  • Intuitive control system designed for speed and accuracy so you can throw 3 darts as quickly as real life.
  • Gorgeous graphics, enhanced for HD with full 3d darts and dartboards, realtime reflections and shadows.
  • Full screen replays for great shots and a closeup camera to zoom in on the action for those vital finishes.
  • 6 locations and 7 game modes including career and 2 player hotswap support.
  • Full customisation of your character and darts.
  • Trophy room filled with trophies and statistics, great for showing off to friends.
  • GameCenter support: so you can play against other people online at 501 and Cricket.
  • Save Game: save your tournament progress anytime, play another game and then carry on later when you’re ready.
  • Auto Save & Resume so you never need to worry about a phone call interrupting your game; it will auto-save your progress and then resume on the last dart of the match when you relaunch the app.
  • Facebook and Email integration for sharing achievements and Picture Puncture destruction.
  • Built in News Feed to keep up to date with the world of Bulls i.
  • Listen to your iPod music whilst playing the game.