Original Camera Angle Returning

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A Big Thank You!

First of all we want to say a big thank you for your great feedback and positive reviews of the new online multiplayer game!

Having worked non stop on it for last two months, all the praise has made the effort worth it.

New Camera Angle

We decided to change the bowling camera angle as we felt it was more like the view in real bowling.  We loved how the ball looks when it curves into the pocket and then explodes the pin.

As always, we listen to your feedback. Whereas some of you love the new camera angle, others prefer the original  one that follows the ball down the lane.  So we are going to add a new option to the Pause screen so you can select the camera mode you prefer: “Normal” or “Follow”.

We are already working on this feature and will release a new version of the game (1.2.1) very soon.

Now, good luck on the lanes!

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