v1.3.0 Now Available

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Online 2 Player Statistics & Leaderboard

You asked for stats so we’ve given you them!  We’ve now added game statistics to Online 2 Player.  Score the most wins to be top of the new 2 Player Leaderboard.

Be careful – Players who choose to exit out of a 2 player game early will now be seen as forfeiting and marked as a loss.


  • World Ranking.
  • Bowling Average.
  • Total Games Played.
  • Total Wins.
  • Total Draws.
  • Total Losses.
  • Win Rate.

Mini Games Now Free

You wanted more content so we’ve decided to make all the mini games free to play.  They will test your bowling skill to the limit – see if you can earn a platinum medal to be a master!


There’s a new in-app purchase option to remove all ads forever.

If you’ve already removed adverts by making a purchase in a previous version then the game will still be advert free.  Please make sure to Restore Purchases in the game selection screen to remove adverts if they appear.